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ProRepo Software

Download Instructions

Step 1
In the file download window, click "Open" or run.

Step 2
The download takes about 5 Min. If you see a security warning, click "YES" to complete the installation.

Step 3
Click "Next" on the Pro-Repo Installer Including Finished. The Pro-Repo software will then appear on your start menu.

Step 4
After you install the program make sure you set up the following files:  company File, Clients, Agents, Agents Vehicle.  After you complete that you will be able to run the program.

We want you to get the most out of Pro-Repo Repossession Data Base  Software so If you need any help call support!.








Network Ready


Run Your Repossession

Company Like an Enterprise

with out the cost!

Minimize the manual process

of many of your business operations.


Increase your companies

security policy by increasing

loss prevention.


Reports AR, AP, Employee,

Customer reports and more!

lets you know whats going on!


Employee Records




Contents Inventory





Condition Reports









Easy to follow color code

accounting system that lets

you know at a glance how

 much you are owed.




Reports & Invoices

Access your reports and

invoices directly from the screen.








The Pro-Repo Management

System Lets you focus on

your Companies needs The

Pro-Repo  Suite can manage

 the daily tasks of Accounts

and sending information to your

clients and agents in

the field.


Accounting System

Accurately manage the finances

that keep your Company running





Truck Maintenance

Keep track of vital information

on your vehicles, Inspections,

Insurance, warranties on parts,

and overall generated performance

of the vehicle that is commissioned

with your company.





The Choice Of Repossession

Professionals Since 1992.







What our customers say about us.

 Thanks a million! When my office manager quit she left me with tons of paperwork and thousands of dollars to be collected.  On top of that, I lost all of the data in my computer.  The staff at Marr Software was there for me to get me trained in how to use the system and to help me recover my lost data so I could get my business back on track. All in less than an hour just by making one phone call!!!!  That is absolutely incredible! You're a lifesaver, without the help of the Marr Software staff I couldn't have done it!  Thanks again.Don Renken






A1cu.gifrepoboxjpg.jpg proreposc.jpg

"Pro-Repo Repossession Software Is Clearly The Smart Business Choice" 

Repossession Software

Pro-Repo The Professional Repossession Software Including Accounting and Repossession Management since 1992.


Pro-Repo ACV

Security: Runs at your office not ours your data is secure.  Security management system was designed and implemented for the U.S. Military. Once implemented we can't even get in!

A Complete Repossession Management Solution Designed For Your Busy Office.  Minimize the manual process of many of your business operations.

Since 1992 Pro-Repo repossession software has been Managing and Keeping Information Secure for Repossession Professionals, keeping track of judgments against assets, and keeping track of account numbers and our reports and invoices will help you look more professional to all your clients to keep them coming back.






Repossession Management Administration Solutions

For Repossession Companies, Pro-Repo provides information management tools tailored to your needs including Vehicle identification, Vehicle Condition Reports, and Skip-Trace contact information. Pro-Repo handles all Skip Trace-specific information in a customizable, easy-to-use interface.  







Loss Prevention Technology Helping your company prevent losses due to employee theft including asset tracking and secured accounting technology tracking.

Vehicle Data Base

Built in Vehicle Data Base system.  



Employee Records

Keeps track of Agent records and the work they do so you can get paid. Accounting package built in, keeps track of commissions and hours worked including taxes. Easy payroll report makes it easy to print with just a click of the mouse on this windows based system.



Vehicle Records

Keeps Track of the repossessed Vehicle records in an easy to use simple to understand interface.  

Repossession Pictures

Keeps track of Pictures (including report).  

Condition reports
Keeps track of condition reports on all repossessions. 



Complete Administration
Management and administrative duties are minimized using Pro-Repo repossession software.  



Vin Tracking
(last four digit lookup) when entering a Vin Number this system instantly brings up the year, make & model of the Vehicle your repossessing and the Trace you are looking for with one click of the mouse.  




Lets you know when your clients are behind on payments in an easy to follow color code.




Outside communications system.  Repossession Communication system that lets you send information to your employee’s cell phone in the field.


Inter office communication system.  Repossession Communication system that let you chat securely to other members of your office or members at another location. 



Summarize and send.  this feature enables you to write your summery report to your clients and send the Repossession summery directly to your client VIA email.  


Export your information into Microsoft® products including Excel and Word.


Create reports in PDF and Email your clients or any one else and then send the report directly to your client VIA email (works great with sending out invoices).  


Condition reports - Invoices - Photo report - skip trace report - Contents Inventory and more. No need for a FAX machine.


Automatic Off-Site Back Up


Files can be accidentally overwritten, deleted or become corrupt. Laptops can be stolen. System hard drives can fail. But with Off-Site Automatic Backup, you don’t have to worry about it! Off-Site Automatic Backup provides a 'set-it and forget-it' file backup solution, as well as file encryption and compression. Supports complete system or incremental backups and can quickly restore an entire system, files from a specific point in time, or specific files from multiple backups. 




Minimize Your Paperwork Now With This Repossession Business Software  
 Pro-Repo With Artificial Intelligence ILS (Intelligent Learning System) The Only Repossession Software That Learns Your Business Every Day.  We have spent many years developing this new technology to give you the most advanced Repossession program ever.  CONFUSED by all the different choices you have. The trade papers have ads for many programs, all claiming to be easy to use and the best available.PRESSURED to make a decision about which computer program to use for your business. Each day you delay means more paperwork.WORRIED that the wrong choice could cost you thousands of dollars. Cash is a little tight, but leases are too restrictive. Other bills are due, too.AFRAID of computers. Yet you know that, when done right, computers can really be great. The whole world is using them, so why aren't you?   We have been around for a long time and we have been dedicated for over 15 years we know what you need just ask.




Pro-Repo Software offers what just might be the answer to ALL these concerns. We want to help you to get up and running fast, with as small a financial commitment as possible. And, unlike other companies, we are willing to "Put our money where our mouth is,  you cant go wrong with Pro-Repo".




Data Management

For Repossession Companies, Pro-Repo provides information management tools tailored to your needs including Vehicle identification, Vehicle Condition Reports, and Skip-Trace contact information. Pro-Repo handles all Skip Trace-specific information in a customizable, easy-to-use interface.  

The Pro-Repo Data Base Pro-Repo lets you easily enter, store, and access a variety of information. All of your data is secure, centrally located, and easily formatted to run custom reports so that you can put the valuable information you collect to good use. From Vehicle and Skip Trace tracking to reports and Employee records, the Pro-Repo program gives you what you need from single Repossession Companies through multi-Company environments.  



Accounting System

Accurately manage the finances that keep your Company running smoothly with Pro-Repo. With a flexible system for entering transactions, managing multiple accounts, and producing reports, Pro-Repo is the ultimate tool for managing all of the financial details involved in running a Repossession Company. And since it is designed with your specific requirements in mind, it can even help with the special planning and reporting needs that you have as a Repo administrator.   Lets you focus on your Companies Needs
The Pro-Repo Suite can manage the daily tasks of Employee and administrators—helping you to focus on the Companies needs.


Maintain Scheduling

A Repo administration software program that aids in maintaining Data and Repo scheduling for For all areas of the Repo Business.  


Take the Confusion out of your business

Our Repossession Software Will help you grow. Repossession management software will improve many of your business work flows. A good software package will track a sale all the way from generating the initial estimate to final invoice. Do not waste time passing around and filing carbon copy forms; track everything electronically. Functions Comprehensive Repossession management software packages will have a variety of functions. Many can be used as stand alone accounting packages with features that will reconcile your bank statements and generate payroll. It is a much better option to purchase a product with a comprehensive set of administrative functions rather than one that integrates with an external accounting product.


We Recommend Taking the 30 day Challenge!

In order for you to see all the benefits Pro-Repo can offer your Business, Register on the web-site and download the actual copy for 30 days and see for your self just how easy it really is!  

And If you don't believe Pro-Repo is the best Product for the price or you feel that you’re not getting the service you deserve; you may cancel at any time.  


Our guarantee

we are more than confident, if you can find a better program than that of  Pro-Repo we will give you 1 year free. Just tell us about it.


As a client of Marr Software your company will benefit not only in price but also in development of the software as our company does not charge a fee for this we always listen to our clients and their concerns, if it benefits the product we guarantee we will add it, its our bottom line to keep our clients satisfied.

 Most Repossession agency methods were paper dependent, time consuming and in serious need of updating. Most files were still made of paper and for the agencies that had decided to make the switch to electronic, their choice of programs were unavailable. Most available programs were older DOS-Based, and a modern solution was desperately needed to bring repossession agencies into the electronic age. Pro-Repo can help!

The process of repossession is complex with an assortment of groups that need to be in constant communications with one another. This process starts when the lending institution determines that someone is delinquent on their account or loan and is refusing to pay them back. The lender is forced to turn to a repossession agency for help to collect the collateral for the debt owed. The lender contracts the repossession agency to go and recover the collateral for the debt that is owed. The repossession agency must know who the debtor is, what the debtor owes, and the last known address for the debtor, from there the agency assigns a field agent to track down the debtor and locate what is owed. The repossession agency will serve as the representative of the lending institution in court while the debt is being collected. Once the legal process is complete, the repossession agency will then turn the collateral over to the lending institution and the debt will be cleared.

Communication is very important to the repossession process. Field agents, their repossession agencies, and lending institutions constantly need to be in contact with each other this communication can span entire continents as local repossession agencies are hired by national lending institutions to recover secured collateral in cases in which people have defaulted. Information needs to be available instantaneously to travel across town or across country if need be. In each case a field agent works to collect materials owed to the lender by the debtor, Agencies must be able to locate the whereabouts of a debtors collateral, track and manage the collateral once in the agency's possession, and then act as the Bailey, the person to whom the property being repossessed is pledged to on behalf of the lender once the legal process has begun. At all points in the process the status of the account needs to be available to any member of the repossession team.


For evaluating Pro-Repo, we offer a free 30-day Trial. This is a fully functional Program with all of the Enterprise version features. At the end of the 30 day trial, the Trial Edition becomes Expired. At any time, full commercial deployment capabilities for an existing trial edition installation can be activated by simply inserting a valid serial number and activation for Pro-Repo, without the need to perform a re-install.

proreposc.jpg              repoboxjpg.jpg

"Pro-Repo ACV Is The Smart Business Choice" 


Use Live Support

If You Need Assistance


• Easy to use
• Save time
• Simplify your business
• Create error Prof invoices
• Serve your clients better
• Reduced over-all errors
• Security
• Accounting built in
• Electronic communications
• Capture lost billing
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